Magnetic Mixed Numbers - H.23mm - White

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Each sheet consists of the following characters:
(Excludes arrows, commas and full stops etc.)

23mm Numbers
0x31 1x31 2x17 3x17 4x17 5x17 6x17 7x17 8x17 9x17

23mm Letters
Ax12 Bx6 Cx8 Dx7 Ex21 Fx7 Gx7 Hx6 Ix16 Jx4 Kx5 Lx7 Mx8 Nx12 Ox12 Px5 Qx3 Rx9 Sx8 Tx9 Ux8 Vx7 Wx3 Xx2 Yx2 Zx4

43mm Numbers
0x11 1x10 2x5 3x5 4x5 5x5 6x5 7x5 8x5 9x5

43mm Letters
Ax3 Bx2 Cx2 Dx2 Ex4 Fx2 Gx2 Hx2 Ix3 Jx1
Kx1 Lx2 Mx2 Nx3 Ox2 Px2 Qx1 Rx3 Sx3 Tx3
Ux3 Vx2 Wx1 Xx1 Yx1 Zx2

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