Clear Anti Slip Tape Rolls

Size: 100mm x 18.3m
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  • Our anti slip tape is manufactured through a unique process ensuring it’s one of the most effective anti-slip surfacing available. The tape material is a thick carrier impregnated with diamond hard aluminium oxide, making it hard-wearing, tough and durable.
  • The backing is coated in a heavy layer of permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive which is water-resistant. This ensures once the tape is down, it will stay attached firmly.
  • The self-adhesive anti slip tape is tough, durable and long-lasting.

Available in 4 widths:

  • 25mm x 18.3m
  • 50mm x 18.3m
  • 100mm x 18.3m
  • 150mm x 18.3m

Colour variation available for 25mm, 100mm, and 150mm widths:

  • Clear

Additional information

WEIGHT 0.85 kg
DIMENSIONS 18.3 × 50 mm



100mm x 18.3m, 150mm x 18.3m, 25mm x 18.3m, 50mm x 18.3m

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