Rack Armour Pallet Racking Upright Protection

Size: Extra Large (Euro D) - 111-120mm Upright Width
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Rack Armour has been a global success for over a decade.

  • Its innovative design and functionality has revolutionised racking protection and provides a proven 80% reduction in damage levels – saving time, money and hassle. Its tight fit ensures that Rack Armour can’t be knocked off whilst pallets are retrieved. When a direct impact occurs and cannot be deflected by the outer shell, the interior foam absorbs the impact energy until it’s diffused.
  • These upright protectors fit all makes of pallet racking and are transferable. Made from ballistics grade plastic which is non toxic and fully recyclable, the material is also impervious to moisture, mould growth, corrosion, acid, alkaline and most solvents. Rack Armour can also be used at temperatures down to -40°C.
  • Rack Armour has been tested to meet and exceed European and Australian safety standards,  including EN 15512 and AS4100. This involved simulating a forklift truck weighing two tons travelling at 1.8 metres per second striking a section of racking. With Rack Armour fitted, negligible damage occurred after eight strikes (a 3mm buckle). Without protection, significant damage occurred after one strike (a 12mm buckle), increasing to 74mm after three hits. According to SEMA guidelines, a 3mm buckle is a ‘green risk’ and the racking can be continued to be used. Conversely, a 12mm buckle in the racking is a ‘red risk’, rendering the racking unusable and urgent repair action must be taken.

Available in 4 size options – 

  • Small – 70-87mm upright width
  • Medium – 88-100mm upright width
  • Large – 101-110mm upright width
  • Extra Large – 111-120mm upright width


Optional installation tools are also available – fitting arms or fitting hooks. Both tools fit all size of Rack Armour.

  • Manufactured from ballistics grade plastic which deflects under impact
  • Provides a proven 80% reduction in damage levels
  • Available in 4 sizes to ensure the correct fit
  • Tight fit – won’t come off as easily as other protectors
  • Quick and easy installation – no fixings required
  • High visibility colours clearly gives safe working boundaries for MHE drivers

Additional information


Colourfast Yellow, Safety Yellow


Extra Large (Euro D) – 111-120mm Upright Width, Large (Euro C) – 101-110mm Upright Width, Medium (Euro B) – 88-100mm Upright Width, Small (Euro A) – 70-87mm Upright Width

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