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racksack clear

  • racksack is now available with a premium clear front to help you identify when incorrect waste has been placed in the wrong segregation sack.
  • Additionally, the transparent design enhances security measures to prevent storage theft, making this product suitable for high-security areas and bonded warehouses.

What is racksack?

  • racksack is the original market-leading solution for waste segregation in the industrial workplace. It delivers a simple and cost-effective system to keep you compliant with UK and EU waste segregation legislation.

How Does racksack clear Work?

  • racksack clear is a large recycling sack that hangs from end-of-aisle racking. When hung, it has an open ‘frog mouth’ to easily receive waste, yet its tapered design means it hardly encroaches on floor space.
  • The design on the front states which type of waste should be deposited in the racksack clear, allowing waste segregation to happen at the source.
  • Three strong handles are woven into the edge of the sack, one on each side for carrying and one on the base, so it can be easily tilted from the base and emptied once full.

Why racksack clear?

See It, Sort It

  • The clear front lets you see if incorrect waste has been placed in the wrong segregation sack.

Up Security

  • The transparent design also enhances security measures to prevent storage theft.

Save Space

  • racksack clear doesn’t encroach on valuable floor space like a standard industrial bin. And given warehouse space is at an all-time premium, we’d say that’s pretty good value for money!

Save Money

  • One racksack clear will save you £190 a year on average when compared to using standard black sacks (based on typical small warehouse usage).

Save the Planet

  • By using racksack clear instead of plastic black bin liners, you’ll reduce the number of black sacks going to landfill.

Where Can racksack clear Be Used?

  • racksack clear is designed for most racking and shelving systems between 900mm and 1100mm.
  • However, due to racksack clear’s flexible method of ‘S’ hook fixing, this nifty segregation sack can be hung over or hooked onto any substrate.

racksack clear is also part of a growing family:

  • racksack blue – the original blue racksack designed for end-of-aisle racking
  • racksack mini – a smaller version, perfect for desks, workbenches, and more
  • racksack rollcage – ideal for 800mm wide roll containers
  • racksack rollcage clear – with a premium clear front to identify incorrect waste sorting
  • racksack trolley – for use on 580mm wide trolleys, with single or double pocket versions available

How Long Does racksack clear Last?

  • racksack clear is made from tough, waterproof polyester that withstands the rigours of any industrial environment, plus a premium clear front.
  • Depending on usage, waste materials, and how often racksack is emptied, you can look forward to using racksack clear for many, many years to come.

Additional information

Weight 0.92kg
Dimensions 920 × 1000 mm
Design Blank, Cardboard, Cardboard Only Symbol – no text, General Waste, General Waste Symbol – no text, Mixed Paper & Card, Mixed Paper & Card Symbol – no text, Plastic Only, Plastic Only Symbol – no text, Shrink Wrap, Shrinkwrap Symbol – no text
Pack   1

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