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racksack rollcage

  • racksack rollcage is perfect for use on 800mm wide roll containers. It allows your team to collect and segregate waste packaging materials on the go.
  • Fits roll cages by hooking over the sides or can be secured via eyelets in the top corners. Straps help secure the middle of the sack.

How Does racksack rollcage Work?

  • racksack rollcage is a large-capacity double-pocketed recycling sack that fits over roll cages. When hung, it has an open ‘frog mouth’ to easily receive waste, allowing you to segregate waste on the move.
  • Three strong handles are woven into the edge of the sack, one on each side for carrying and one on the base, so it can be easily tilted from the base and emptied once full.

Why racksack rollcage?

Save Time

  • No more complicated waste sorting processes! racksack® rollcage lets you sort waste on the go, rather than to-ing and fro-ing from bins, or separating waste at the end of the day.

Stay Smart

  • Keep retail and industrial areas neat and tidy as stock is transported to shelves.

Save Money

  • One racksack will save you £190 a year on average when compared to using standard black sacks (based on typical small warehouse usage).

Save the Planet

  • By using racksack rollcage instead of plastic black bin liners, you’ll reduce the number of black sacks going to landfill.

Where Can racksack rollcage Be Used?

  • racksack rollcage is designed for 800mm wide roll containers, often used in warehouses or supermarkets.

racksack rollcage is also part of a growing family:

  • racksack blue – the original blue racksack designed for end-of-aisle racking
  • racksack clear – with a premium clear front to enhance security and identify incorrect waste sorting
  • racksack mini – a smaller version, perfect for desks, workbenches, and more
  • racksack rollcage clear – with a premium clear front to identify incorrect waste sorting
  • racksack trolley – for use on 580mm wide trolleys, with single or double pocket versions available

How Long Does racksack rollcage Last?

  • racksack rollcage is made from tough, waterproof polyester that withstands the rigours of any industrial environment.
  • Depending on usage, waste materials, and how often racksack is emptied, you can look forward to using racksack rollcage for many, many years to come.


Extra Info:

  • Overall Dimensions: 1,300mm high x 880mm wide
  • Double Pocket: Upper 700mm x 8800mm, Lower 650mm x 880mm
  • Capacity: Upper pocket 180 Litres, Lower pocket 95 Litres
  • Combined pockets when used together: 200 Litres

Additional information

WEIGHT 15.50 kg
DIMENSIONS 880 × 1300 mm

1, 10, 5


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